A Year of Dates

52 date suggestions for a year of fun & romance

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In the fast-paced world we live in, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the routines of everyday life, leaving little room for romance and spontaneity.

We believe it’s essential to prioritise quality time with your partner to keep your relationship strong. And what better way to do this than by dating each other.

The 52 date cards in this date box are there to keep you dating all year, open one a week and make time to have fun and enjoy some romance. Short of time? No one said you have to leave the house to date, plenty of the ideas can be done at home around any busy schedule.

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A personal touch

With 5 blank cards included, a personal touch can be added into the mix. They can be sealed before or after it is gifted, and they seamlessly match the existing 52 cards.

What will you do?


The categorised box is perfect for parents, people on a budget or those who like to keep a bit of control!

The colours of the envelopes are colour coded

There are also a few surprises included.

The categorised box contains:

  • 18 ideas for staying home
  • 15  ideas for going out
  • 11 ideas for days out
  • 8 surprise idea (for payday!)

There are also 5 blank cards for the couple or gift giver to complete.

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The surprise box is for those who love spontaneity and surprises. Also for those who do not have to book baby sitters!

The date ideas are the same as in the categorised box, but without any categorisation.

The surprise box is a true lucky dip!

The date ideas are the same as in the categorised box, all sealed away, but there is no way to know what the type of the date is.

Each selection is a surprise!

There are 5 blank cards for the couple of gift giver to add their own ideas

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Suitable for all couples

All date ideas are suitable for any couple, regardless of gender or age, and are designed to work for even the busiest of schedules. Lots of the activities can be done at home, and others involve a night out or a day trip, so there are plenty of opportunities for date nights, and date days. It also includes a leaflet explaining how to use the box.

This is the gift that keeps couples laughing, trying new things and making memories together. Everyone has busy lives and the dates are here to help them spend quality time doing things they might not have thought of otherwise.

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Definitely recommend

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We just had so much fun!

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Simply amazing product

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Definitely recommend

This was bought as a gift for my husband for Christmas and it is such a lovely gift! Well presented, looks very nice and the cards made it easier for us both to decide on dates.. Very happy with our purchase and love the book it came with too! Thank you! Cat x

We just had so much fun!

I absolutely love year of dates!!
My husband and I are almost half way through our year of dates. We look forward to it every week! I’ll be gutted when it’s over.

Simply amazing product

After someone buying myself and my partner a date box, this is now the 3rd item I have bought a gift. Received quickly and beautifully presented as always, would definitely recommend and purchase again


We obviously can’t reveal ALL our of secrets! There is some cross over between the different products with some of the most popular ideas appearing in all of the sets. The activities are a range of things to do at home, nights out and days out . Some you might have thought of yourself, or be things you do regularly, but how you interpret the card is up to you. All of the envelopes are sealed so you get a surprise each time, if you don’t like what the card says you don’t have to do it, it’s about having fun, but it is also good to try things so don’t just dismiss it. We haven’t suggested anything dangerous, illegal or scary – there are blank cards in some sets so if you want to swim with sharks or jump out of an aeroplane you can add these yourself.

All our date boxes/jars use a selection of coloured envelopes. The only difference is the colour coded ones determine the type of dates that are inside – so if you know you want to stay in that week (it’s nowhere near payday/no babysitters/busy weekend) choose blue. Want a night out? choose yellow etc. The regular set is more of a lucky dip where any colour could contain any type of date.

The categorised dates come in 4 colours of envelopes:

  • Blue – Staying home
  • Yellow – Going out
  • Orange – A surprise
  • Green – A day out

There is no mention of gender on the cards so they can be used by everyone. If a decision needs to be made the person opening the envelope will be asked to flip a coin and choose heads or tails.

All of the paper can be recycled and where possible we use sustainable products. We recycle all of our waste and use any excess packing material to protect our glass jars when posting.

Our boxes are produced using greyboard which is made from a mix of recycled and waste paper and is 100% Recyclable.

Where possible we source from FSC certified suppliers, which make up the vast majority of our suppliers.

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